Cloud Sessions: A Simple Face for Eventual Consistency

Wed 10:30-11:30 am - Theory
Sebastian Burckhardt, Microsoft, USA

In a world of devices and the cloud, users want their apps and their data everywhere, all the time. Maintaining responsiveness when connections are slow or temporarily unavailable can be quite difficult, since it requires developers to work with weaker consistency. How to write such programs, and in particular, how to effectively reason about data consistency and conflict resolution, is a key challenge for the next generation of developers. To simplify their task, we propose "Cloud Sessions", a programming abstraction that makes it easy to work with eventually consistent structured shared data. Cloud Sessions are available as a feature in TouchDevelop, a cross-platform app development environment by Microsoft Research.


Sebastian Burckhardt is a researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond. His general research interest is the study of programming models for of concurrent, parallel, and distributed systems. More specific interests include memory consistency models, concurrency testing, self-adjusting computation, and the concurrent revisions programming model.


Antony Hosking
Patrick Eugster
Purdue U


Cristina V. Lopes
UC Irvine


Robert Hirschfeld


Carl Friedrich Bolz

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