Sun 8:30-5:30 pm - Broadway II
  1. Introduction, Welcome, and Agenda
  2. Sponsor Talks
  3. Idea Pitches
  4. Team Formation
  5. Hack Time
  6. Team Demos
  7. Judging



Come hack for a day!

Come spend a day learning about, and hacking on, big data and cloud computing technologies. This is a full-content participatory event, 9 hours of pure hacking fun! Bring yourself and your laptop, and, maybe, a friend or two. We'll provide food and beverages throughout the day. Come prepared with an idea, and get even more out of it: a chance for your team to be placed in the hall of fame as one the 3 best hacks of the day!

Register before September 23rd to take advantage of discounted fees. You don't need to register for the main SPLASH conference in order to participate in the Hackathon, but you may consider doing so for a chance to hear Ivan Sutherland (Turing Award winner), Brendan Eich (Mozilla) and much, much more!

Platforms and computing time for the Hackathon kindly provided by Amazon AWS.


Hackathon Supporters


Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of simple building block services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the cloud” using simple API calls. These pay-as-you-use services help organizations focus on their business and get to market faster than ever before. Companies of all sizes, from all across the globe, are using these solutions to power their web sites and web applications – everything from mobile, gaming, enterprise applications, and much more. http://aws.amazon.com