Programming Support Innovations for Emerging Distributed Applications

Sun 8:30-5:00 pm - Southern Pacific B
Eli Tilevich, Virginia Tech, United States
Patrick Eugster, Purdue University, United States

Distribution has become a necessity for the majority of computing domains, but developing distributed applications remains a highly delicate and complex task. Several emerging distributed computing and application domains have recently come into existence, including cloud computing, service-oriented computing, stream processing, sensor networks, and context-aware computing. Applications in these domains can deliver tangible benefits to the user once they enter the mainstream of industrial software development. What is hindering the wide adoption and use of these applications is the prevalence of ad-hoc programming practices in their software development process. The goal of this workshop is to explore programming support innovations that can address the incongruence between the advanced programming requirements of emerging distributed applications and the current state of the art of their programming support. To that end, the workshop will provide a venue for free and open discussions among academic researchers and industry practitioners of distributed applications.


2009 Highlights

Barbara Liskov

In a reprise of her ACM Turing Award lecture, Barbara Liskov discusses the invention of abstract data types, the CLU programming language, clusters, polymorphism, exception handling, iterators, implementation inheritance, type hierarchies, the Liskov Substitution Principle, polymorphism, and future challenges such as new abstractions, parallelism, and the Internet.

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